Video, colour, sound, 7' 00", 2015.


a film by Teresa Cos

with Mela Boev


Collection/Distribution: ARGOS Center for Art and Media.

The appropriation of the famous letter that Sol LeWitt wrote in 1965 to artist and friend Eva Hesse is at the center of this work. In what seems to be a Skype conversation with a distant friend -wearing a t-shirt printed with LeWitt’s hand drawing as it appears on the manuscript- the letter becomes a two way pep talk in the mouth of

an online oracle. The screen which printed the t-shirt, the only exisiting copy of which was sent to the performer, is conserved, clearly stating the day and place it was first exposed to light. The work is installed so to be experienced by one spectator at a time.


The link to watch the full film is available upon request.


Installation view at Van Eyck Academie.

Installation view at Marres Center for Contemporary Culture (ph: Gert Jan van Rooij).

Screen, 58x84 cm.

The first page of the original manuscript (source: Google images).